Recently we met with the City Administration regarding Mandatory Inspections. Present were Directors, myself, Indira Sammy, Paul Dodson and Joe Leofsky, also present were members Dallas Johnson, Crosby Wood and Ricky Campbell and brand new member Steve Conduit. We raised Constitutional and Logistical Concerns about Mandatory Inspections, they are (currently under review and do not need to be scheduled). Please note, turnover Inspections are very much required; a $250 Citation exists if you move in a Tenant without an Inspection. In addition a $250 Citation exists if you operate without a rental without license.


We are going to have a meeting for our membership at a “Rental Property,” 398 Madison on the corner of Hope and Madison in the West End. It shall be held on February 28th at 6:30 PM.

Sandwiches and Refreshments will be on hand. It may be a little tight but we’ll make it work with seating for all.

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